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Outsourcing can be an important tool in managing resources for expertise, cost, and locality, but to be successful with outsourcing you must understand the full cost associated with it and align this cost with your needs for business. Cost go beyond the actual bill rate, it includes defects introduced in your product, delays in communications, travel costs, infrastructure cost, and much more. Largentum Lean Revenue Optimization LRO consultants can improve your outsourcing capabilities through increased profitability and quality. Outsourcing remains as the best alternative for part of your consulting and development needs but you must select the right outsource company to achieve your goals and maximize profits.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

3 Pros and 3 Cons for outsourcing to consider within your business, a simple view of outsourcing. For a complete enterprise perspective of outsourcing contact Largentum, Inc.

As organizations have evolved and become more complex, so have their service deployment needs for functional and business support processes. 

Largentum Transformation leadership team has the knowledge, insight and experience to help organizations create a flexible, scalable and cost-effective platform for delivering functional and business-enabling processes which support the overall organization’s business strategy, leveraging an effective combination of shared services, outsourcing and off shoring. Our consultant specialists, who focus on helping clients throughout the Service Delivery Transformation lifecycle, from visioning and planning through implementation.

Managing Multicultural Teams

When a major international software developer needed to produce a new product quickly, the project manager assembled a team of employees from India and the United States. From the start the team members could not agree on a delivery date for the product. Click to learn more.