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software design

Software Development

A full suite of software development services that are designed to provide high quality, low cost, efficient software development services for a variety of technology platforms

Lean Six Sigma Services

A proprietary approach to lean and six sigma and a variety of cross-disciplinary approaches to address business problems and drive transformation across multiple verticals (retail, financial, hospitality, government, oil and gas, healthcare, medical devices, transportation, software, and cloud services.

big data analytics

Big Data Analytics to determine the right information that will drive sales, reduce cost, or provide the right customer experience for a variety of industry verticals.

Marketing Services

We provide a variety of marketing services that are centered on data analysis for a comprehensive view of marketing opportunities.

Innovation services

We understand that innovation is the life blood of your business and we will help you develop a high performance innovation system that delivers patents, new products, new services, and more.

Creative Services

Our creative services provide professional graphics design, video editing, website design, logos, and more. All you need for your next initiative or marketing campaign on the web, TV, or print. See the interactive video solution as an example of game changing marketing analytics with video.

Expert Coach

Our leading edge consulting services provides continuous access to top level experts in software design, lean six sigma, project management, innovation, and marketing.

We created the "Expert Coach" consulting service as a way to allow budget sensitive clients access to highly powered experts that would typically not be affordable. For a modest monthly fee the client has access to experts, on demand, that can coach project teams, inspire new thinking and strategies, counter internal group thinking, and solve tough problems. This can be your secret weapon for success!