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Business Performance

We focus on meeting clients needs through superior performance.

Largentum has history that goes all the way back to 1989, when International Professional Services was incorporated in Naperville, IL. The company provided contracting services for AT&T and NCR in the area of project management. The company continued to provide basic contracting services until 2009, when it formed a new focus area based on market opportunity. Learn about these exciting new areas and how customers are winning with Largentum.

Business impact examples

Largentum Consultant

(Inventory Reduction)

Decrease inventory levels and free up cash flow and reduce E&O.

(New Product Development)

Improve your product development process and accelerate performance.
Largentum Consultant

(Increase Profits)

Take an analytical approach to determining market opportunity and feature set for more profits.
Largentum management consultant

(Beat Your Competition)

Let us help you take charge of your projects through project management leadership.

Corporate Governance


We stand behind the work we do, the contributions we make and the high business standards we maintain.

At Largentum, we believe that every employee is accountable for doing the best possible work for every client, every time.

We have uncompromising ethics in all customer, partner, and stakeholder engagements and respect everyone.

At Largentum, we strive to have consistent and exceptional ethics in everything that we do for all stakeholders and customers.

Everyone will deliver superior performance through dedication to our clients, research, and work products.

At Largentum, we work well in a changing environment and each employee will work diligently to provide superior performance.